Thirsty Thursday

Labatt Blue Canadian Pilsener has a balanced, dry cornbread taste

Lukas Halloran | Staff Photographer

Labatt Blue Canadian Pilsener has fruity, cornbread hints but is also not overly sweet.

This week’s beer is definitely an upstate New York classic: the Labatt Blue Canadian Pilsener. You can find it at nearly any supermarket or corner store in the area. Hailing from Canada, this imported pilsner is pretty solid.

I’ve had my fair share of Labatt Blues, from bottles to pint glasses. For the purpose of this review, I decided to drink one straight from the can because chances are, that’s how the majority of readers will try one.

After cracking it open and taking a smell, nothing really stands out. Overall, it’s pretty mellow. I had to look for something distinct, and nothing jumped except a hint of sweetness.

Labatt Blue is pretty tasty. I may be a bit biased, as it was the first beer I tried when I moved to Syracuse University. It has a bready taste to it, with a hints of corn mixed in. Putting those together, it has almost a dry cornbread taste — but not a sugary piece. On top of that, I also picked up a bit of a fruity sweetness to it again. But it wasn’t too sugary — it was more along the lines of a juicy piece of fruit.

The tasting experience is a bit different than most canned beers you’ll probably drink. Instead of being overly fizzy and watery, Labatt Blue has a very balanced feel to it. It doesn’t come on too strong, and doesn’t wash away too quickly.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have an overpowering taste making it a very easy beer to drink. A phrase I’d use to describe it is silky smooth. I know that sounds silly, but it has a thickness and body to it that most canned beers don’t have.

If you haven’t tried a Labatt Blue already, go and get some next time you’re on a beer run. It may be a bit more expensive than Bud Light or Coors, but it’s worth it. It’ll go well with a lot of foods and in a lot of settings. With the weather warming up, Labatt Blue is a great beer to have during a tailgate or day party so check it out.


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