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The 2014 Pacific Rim Riesling has a hint of gummy bears

Lukas Halloran | Staff Photographer

The 2014 Pacific Rim Riesling comes in an elegant bottle, and the wine itself is a light yellow color.

Let’s travel to the famous Columbia Valley region of Washington state, for a glass or two of the Pacific Rim Riesling 2014. It’s a well selling wine, available at many locations across the nation including Syracuse.

The Pacific Rim comes in an elegant bottle, with a nice logo on the front and ornate painting of what looks like a phoenix on the inside of it. The bottle is tasteful and chic, so it was already off to a good start.

In a glass, you can see it has a very light yellow color — it’s very translucent, so much so that you can see through it without much of a problem.

The first word that came to mind when smelling the Pacific Rim Riesling, was fresh. Something about it gives an extremely summery yet cool feel. It could be the tropical and sweet notes I smelled. To be more specific, I picked up strong apple and gummy bear aromas, with hints of passion fruit, guava juice, sweet candy and a tiny bit of butter.

And if you thought that all sounded good, wait until you get to take a taste. The Pacific Rim Riesling is absolutely delicious. It tastes like pretty much everything it smells like — tropical and fruity, with a hint of gummy bears. However, it isn’t an overpowering sweetness as you often get with a Riesling. It’s a bit dry and has a bit of a kick at the end that’ll remind you its 11.5 percent ABV, so remember that when you decide to have a second or third glass.

When it comes to pairing the Pacific Rim Riesling with foods, you’re in luck. It’s a very versatile white wine that’ll go well with a wide array of foods. As with most white wines, chicken, fish and vegetable-focused dishes are your main courses. However, it could also go well with a deli-style sandwich at a picnic.

With the weather finally improving, grab a bottle of the Pacific Rim Riesling 2014 next time you’re looking for a bottle of wine. It’s a reasonably priced, great tasting white wine that’ll go well with anything, and has an elegant looking bottle that’ll make you seem classy.


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