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Runway looks for being chic while traveling home

Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

Traveling can be a pain, which is why stylish yet comfy clothes are perfect for those long car rides home.

As the school year comes to a close, we’re all trying to figure out how to pack everything up. Chances are, stylish dressing is not your top priority while packing, but that doesn’t have to mean looking sloppy on the way to the airport. Comfort and style can work together on and off campus. Throw on these looks, grab your bags and get going.

Ladies, don’t get caught in pajamas and Uggs on your way to the plane. Opt for other comfy-chic staples like leggings, sweaters and booties for chillier days and lightweight tops on warmer ones.

A striped long sleeve mock neck is effortlessly chic and easy enough to move in when you’re dashing through the airport or train station. Throw on leggings and some boots to get going and never miss another flight, in style. A lightweight leather jacket will keep you covered in case it gets chilly.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

Jeans and a crisp blouse are another great option for people who may need to head somewhere important right after getting off the plane. Faded blue jeans are a classic, but kick them up a notch by pegging them with your favorite ankle boots. Tuck a tunic style blouse into the front for a brunch-ready look. Arriving in a destination with below-60 degree weather paves the way for a military-inspired jacket to maintain a neutral color palette.

For an edgier kick, try an acid wash muscle tee, which is breezy enough for a warm weather day. Pair with a wide-brim hat to shield your eyes from the sun while also taming hair from the wind. Opt for black skinny jeans and high-top sneakers for color palette that’s monochrome, but still stands out.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

Keep cozy with a slightly oversized, jewel tone cowl-neck sweater. With a sweater this cozy, there’s no need for a jacket during the ride. Skinny jeans keep the outfit looking put together, but don’t be afraid to opt for leggings if comfort is top priority. Stick with ankle booties or combat boots for laid-back chic.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

For guys, two major staples in your travel fashion wardrobe should be a clean pair of joggers and on-trend sneakers. The combo is comfortable, yet still put together. For your joggers, stick to a pair in black or dark gray; lighter toned sweats scream “lazy!” With darker colored joggers, you can get away with nearly any color top or shoe. If you ever get cold on your transportation mode of choice, top your look off with a leather-accented varsity jacket to maintain the sporty vibe.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

On warmer days, show some homebound pride with a screen print muscle tee, which may lead to the making of a new friend while in transit. Pair the tee with your favorite joggers and a pair of black low top sneakers. Or better yet, a classic Syracuse tee reminds everyone where you go to school. Rock with your favorite pair of navy trainers, or go all out with blue and orange sneaks.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer

For a less casual travel look that could still work for dinner out with family post-travel, stick with a pair of comfortable boot-cut blue jeans. They go with pretty much anything and can easily transition from the airport to the street. Shoe possibilities are also endless, but for the sake of comfort, stick with a pair of neutral toned high-top sneakers.

A short-sleeve, plaid button up is somewhat dressy, yet casual enough for a long flight. A small chain necklace or inconspicuous watch does the trick for accessories. For a look that’s less stuffy, a striped v-neck tee works.


Doris Huang | Staff Photographer


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