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New York to Syracuse: How to bring New York Fashion Week styles to campus

Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Take those expensive runway trends and turn them into affordable campus looks with a couple staples.

Fashion Week is one of the biggest events of the year for the fashion industry. Designers debut new looks and editors watch for what will be the hot new trend for the season. While most college kids can’t afford to wear something straight from the runway, there are some ways to create outfits inspired by the fashion shows.

For Hood By Air’s spring/summer collection, the looks were menswear inspired, incorporating structured blazers, loose bottoms and sleek, gelled hair. The looks were sexy yet tough, proving a combination of the two works well.

Runway looks are, in part, a fantasy or an ideal for a world that isn’t the one we occupy. As a student, it can be difficult to find a balance between that fantasy and what’s appropriate for school.  Though this may be the case, the runway is a great place to draw inspiration from.

In the Hood By Air runway show, one of the looks featured a deconstructed sleeveless button down shirt with a heart-shaped neckline, with the bottom being a tan maxi skirt with black boots. The look is finished with slicked back hair, and the seasons hottest accessory — a choker.

To recreate this look on campus, I would suggest a collared button-down or a long-line button down. If you don’t have a maxi dress, just use a bodycon dress and wear it down on your waist to create that illusion. Since fall is here, a moto jacket is perfect, because of its edgy yet sophisticated look. If you want to step the look up, wear a jacket with an asymmetrical cut for definition. Lastly, sneakers are a great way to make a look sporty.

Even though Fashion Week is over in New York, there are plenty of ways to take runway looks and bring them to campus. Outfits don’t need to mirror the original; there should be some individual flairs to the recreation.  FTW_ConnorBahng_SP-2


Ever since his departure from Gucci, Tom Ford has been taking both his label and himself to new heights. Straight off of his Grand Jury Prize win at the Venice International Film Festival for his film “Nocturnal Animals,” Ford’s latest act was at New York Fashion Week, where he debuted his exciting, intrepid, yet exceedingly chic, ready-to-wear fall 2016 collection.

This new fashion show phenomenon, embraced by other fashion houses like Burberry, allows the clothes from the collection to be in stores directly after its unveiling – no advertising beforehand. The only media attention the collection will receive before its release into stores is the show itself.

While New York Fashion Week tradition calls for a summer/spring 2017 collection, Ford opted for an in-season collection for fall 2016, making his work more accessible faster for fans.

The night before he debuted the collection, Ford told Vogue a large part of the inspiration behind the ready-to-wear concept came from his fear of boredom and desire to do something different and change things up in the fashion world.

The men’s portion of the collection embraces the typical established fall colors – emerald, mustard and burgundy – and pairs them with bold patterns and structures. The collection couples fall style essentials, like layering, with a cool yet classic look that is signature of Tom Ford.

A considerable portion of the men’s looks includes a solid print turtleneck paired with a print jacket. This look can be easily translated to a more casual style for the everyday college guy.

Take a basic solid turtleneck top and rather than a sport jacket, opt for a faded jean jacket to go with it. For an edgier look that is more characteristic of Tom Ford, try a leather jacket with the turtleneck. If you want to fully embrace the printed jacket trend sans floral pattern, try a structured and classic houndstooth print one.

Swap the tweed trousers for distressed black jeans like these from Forever 21 to make the outfit street ready. As for shoes, opt for a pair of oxfords or classic black Chuck Taylors for a casual alternative that still accords to the effortlessly cool style that is signature Tom Ford.



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