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Fashion isn’t just for women: How men can dress well this fall

Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Though most fashion is marketed towards women, men have just as much of a chance to try new trends this season.

Now that the fall season is in full swing, it’s time for layering, coats and the same dark color palette we repeat every year. Fall fashion is a huge industry for womenswear because women are the biggest consumer base for most brands. Now this doesn’t mean that men don’t shop for fall clothes, but sometimes it seems as though there are limited selections. Men’s fall fashion is consistently marketed as the same selection of basics: black or grey trench coats, scarves, dark-colored bottoms and dark-colored dress shoes.

There used to be a prevailing notion that men don’t shop for clothes. If they do, it’s basic, functional and not fashion-forward. There is also a prevailing stereotype that men who really care about fashion are gay. As time went on, the industry recognized that men are a huge demographic that can be capitalized on. If you can offer potential consumers options that they can visualize themselves in — simple, yet versatile pieces — then you might win them over.

This doesn’t mean that men don’t shop for fall clothes, but it does seem like there is a limited selection. These combinations can be tiresome, so this fall I would recommend adding some color and trying different layering combinations. Brands such as Topshop Men, Dior Homme, Prada and Gucci have showcased a variety of looks, as seen at the Fall 2016 fashion weeks.

The most notable trends were checkers, stripes and the ever-so-popular bomber jacket. Another trend was the addition of color, as seen at Off-White and Vivienne Westwood shows. In terms of texture, mixing of materials was another popular trend, with Acne Studios and Missoni displaying pieces with tassels, patchwork and knits which create vibrant, tasteful looks.

Something to note when adding color to one’s wardrobe is that the goal isn’t to match, but to coordinate colors that don’t typically go together. Fall doesn’t have to be boring, so try experimenting and mixing and matching different materials and looks.

If knits and color aren’t something you have in your wardrobe, I’d recommend a puffer jacket, which can substitute for the standard trench coat. Essentially a winter staple, a puffer jacket is a solid late-fall necessity. They are fun to dress up in and go with almost anything.

Brands Raf Simons and Burberry showed collections featuring the piece in colors like plum and brown, respectively. But if you must go with a trench coat this fall, try adding some shine to it with either gold buttons or embroidery like Dries Van Noten or Balmain.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

On chilly days, a longline hoodie with a scarf is a great way to layer while staying warm. Sneakers are also a great way to keep the look casual if you’re not into formal shoes. Olive and white are nice complimentary colors within a lighter palette.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

If you want to go for the sporty look, a varsity jacket is a great way to achieve it. To create some length, wear a longline tee to elongate your torso. Plus, the jacket can serve as an alternate layering option during winter if a sweater or long sleeve isn’t your style.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Layering can be tricky and the key is not to overthink it. Try a long sleeve top with a vest over it and jeans for a simple everyday look. Wearing a hat easily brings the look together. Boots are a fall wardrobe staple, and Timberlands make for a nice fall shoe and easy transitional piece for winter.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

For a more professional outfit, a button down with ankle boots is a nice in-between look. Dress the outfit up with an asymmetrical coat, or a shear fur collar is a fun way to add some texture. Also, make sure your belt matches the color of your shoes.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Fall can be somewhat monotonous in color palettes, so break it up by adding a bright color. A pink jacket with olive underneath is a nice compliment, and black jeans balance the ensemble. Additionally, brown dress shoes are nice for a more traditional fall look and a watch is timeless.

Finally, layering a snowboarding jacket and a jean jacket is an unconventional, but fresh take on fall. Jean jackets are a year-round piece, so why not utilize it in the fall? Wearing suit trousers dresses up the look while wearing sneakers give it a casual, effortless feel.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Though it may not initially appear that men have many options when it comes to dressing for colder weather, the options are truly endless. However, it’s all about finding what makes you stand out and feel the most comfortable.


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