Simple, last-minute Halloween costumes can be made with pre-owned pieces

With how busy students can get with midterms this time of year, it’s easy to overlook everything else not related to school. Time goes by a lot faster when you’re distracted by homework and studying. The next thing you know, Halloween and the biggest parties of the semester have arrived, and you haven’t put together a costume. By using your imagination, you can work around whatever you already have in your closet to make a costume. It’s so easy to go as a cat or vampire, but why not push the creative boundaries while sticking with what you already have?

Lizzie McGuire
Growing up, this Disney channel character was an idol for many young girls. She was ambitious, knew how to have a great time and had one of the best styles on TV. Emulating Lizzie will bring back nostalgic feelings and your costume will get everyone talking about their favorite shows to watch on television as a kid. And her look is easy to replicate. Mix any combination of pink, floral print or denim — think flared pants, overalls or a jean jacket — and layer them like you would have in the early 2000s. Crimping your hair, wearing a headband or scarf and using several rubber bands in your hair is essential to recreating Lizzie’s preteen style.

Dressing as a lion is practical because you can stay warm by bundling up in neutral sweaters and leggings and wearing a fur vest to mimic the lion’s texture. If this Halloween is anything like past years, it will probably be cold outside this weekend. Using black eyeliner or face paint, accentuate your eyes, nose and whiskers. A white eyeliner on your bottom water lines make your eyes appear brighter and mirrors the lion’s under-eye patches. Go even further by applying white paint to your chin and wearing black lipstick. Finally, tease your hair with a comb and add hairspray to make sure your mane stays voluminous. Now, you’re ready to roar and take control of the Syracuse University kingdom.

Dancing Emoji
These are used every day by college students and if done properly, will be immediately recognized by anyone. With less than four items, this look is easily attainable. You and a friend can partner up to be the pair of girls in tights and a black leotard. Top it off by wearing a black bow or cat ears in your hair, nude tights, and black shoes. Or you could go solo as the salsa dancing emoji in a red dress and heels. Your friends will get a kick out of seeing you dancing around and holding her signature pose.

North West
Feel like American royalty for a night by dressing as the most fashionable and famous three-year-old on the planet. This costume gives you the opportunity to pull out your favorite, most glamourous pieces, and dress as luxuriously as your heart desires.

North West stays on trend, so more than likely, you’ve been shopping for this costume all year and haven’t even realized. Your slip dresses, bomber jackets and chokers are everyday pieces you already wear and can use for this costume. Just center it on an eye-catching accessory or element like a fur coat, tutu or sparkly gown and wear your hair in two small buns on the top of your head. For icing on the cake, walk around sucking a lollipop in proper toddler fashion.

Darriea Clark is a junior magazine journalism major. You can reach her at and follow her for more stylish updates on Instagram and Twitter @babefromthesun.


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