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SU alum delights palates with artisan sweet shop, Lune Chocolat

Lune Chocolat is happy to make custom treats for buyers who want to try a truly different flavor.

Syracuse University alumnus Michael Woloszyn didn’t think sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life was a realistic option for him. After graduating from the Whitman School of Management with a marketing degree in 2010, Woloszyn worked in his intended field for a while before realizing that his fascination with chocolate was more than just the interesting topic he chose to write his thesis on.

As a central New York native, Woloszyn saw the lack of small, quality artisans in the market of fine goods such as chocolate in Syracuse. His dissatisfaction with his career and desire to create drove Woloszyn and his wife to start their own chocolate shop, Lune Chocolat, just a few miles away from his alma mater.

Located in Manlius, Lune Chocolat sits within a quiet suburban setting. A short and picturesque drive from campus, this chocolate shop charms adults and kids alike. The little blue house is warm and welcoming with its big “Open” flag waving in the fall breeze. Inside, the cozy, homey feel would make anyone crave a piece of chocolate or fresh cookie. Its wide range of handmade chocolates such as the Chai Buddha and the Cabernet Barrel, as well as homemade cookies, candies and ice cream, make Lune Chocolat a sweet paradise.

Woloszyn expertly pairs professional confectionary skills with non-traditional ingredients. Those who love chocolate and are willing to try risky flavors should look no further. Some of the more intriguing creations are the edamame bar, the Abbey Hotlips — 60 percent dark chocolate with a rum and organic habanero pepper ganache center — the pineapple and jalapeno popsicle and the chamomile cookie sandwich, which has a grapefruit geranium ice cream center. There are also a variety of vegan options, including a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

For their 5th anniversary celebration this year, Lune pulled out all the stops. Local vendors such as Simple Roast Coffee and Savvy Wine Cellar were there to both promote their products and provide pairing options. Everything goes with chocolate, Woloszyn said, so there is no reason you shouldn’t pop a piece with your afternoon coffee or pick through a box during your evening glass — or bottle — of wine.

As autumn rears its head, Lune’s selection begins to reflect the fall offerings of central New York. Woloszyn takes advantage of the plethora of apple orchards in the area by crafting handpicked apples into his confections, including an apple ganache filled chocolate that hits the balance between tangy and sweet perfectly. More non-traditional seasonal items like squash are also making the ingredients list this fall, as well as all of the warm flavors that grace the menu year round such as chai, toffee and vanilla.

Lune Chocolat prides itself on being an all-natural artisan shop, selling products that support the local community. In addition to using preservative-free cream, the Woloszyns buy most of their fruit, peppers and honey from local farms and frequent the neighborhood farmers market. Even their chocolate — although not local — is from a small family farm in South America that does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in growing their cacao.

They also provide services for weddings, showers, birthdays and corporate events. Upon request, they can create custom designs and flavor combinations to suit personal tastes. Online ordering and worldwide shipping is available if you are looking to send a loved one something sweet from central New York — or treat yourself with a chocolate of the month membership.

Woloszyn’s emphasis on locality and desire to serve only the highest quality treats makes this spot worth the trip out to the suburbs. Take a little drive this weekend and come in for a Caramel Pyramid or a Vanilla Latte Cup.


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