Thirsty Thursday

Dry white wine comes in fishy bottle

Frankie Prijatel | Senior Staff Photographer

Opici Vino Blanco's bottle pays homage to Italy, where it was made.

Summer may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. This week I tried a basic Vino Bianco, a white wine from Italy that comes in a bottle so cute, it’ll bring you back to warm summer days spent lounging on the beach.

The Opici Vino Bianco comes in a clear glass bottle, about the size of a normal bottle of wine, but it’s shaped like a fish — scale texture and all.  A tail keeps the bottom standing straight while the neck of the bottle protrudes from the fish’s head, completing the top of the bottle.

It is made in the Marche region of Italy, where the ornamental fish bottle has been used for centuries. According to the Opici website, this bottle pays homage to the history of the Marche region.

The liquid filling is a dark white wine with a slight green tint, a complementary color for the shape of the bottle.

The wine smells fruity and rustic with sharp citrus tones. Floral scents, pineapple and stone fruit also wafted from the wine and a light scent of pear finished off the pleasing aroma.

On the lips, the wine is fruity but dry, which surprised me after the fruity smell. The dryness of the wine comes from where it’s made — Opici Vino Blanco is made in Italy and considered an “old world” wine. These wines often have much more rustic and dry flavors than more modern blends.

Like the smell, a strong citrus flavor jumped out to me from the wine, accompanied by a prominent and almost rough apple taste. The wine is highly acidic with a slight spice. Just like with the aroma, a light pear flavor can be tasted through the long, acidic finish.

While the shape of the bottle is fun, it is also functional, indicating that, like many other whites, this dry wine is ideal for pairing with fish and seafood.

This wine is made with a mix of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano and Verdicchio grapes, all of which add their own flavors and contribute to the balanced flavor.

I would probably buy this wine again, only so I could keep the bottle after. It was enjoyable, but a bit too dry for my liking.

This wine is 12.5 percent alcohol and is best enjoyed young. It sells for anywhere between $10-15.


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