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How to style your makeup and hair for this season

Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Braids are a timeless classic that are always in, but this fall pin a French plait it in a side bun.

The transition period from fall to winter opens up possibilities for students to mix and match both season’s trends. While the fall wardrobe palette of greens, neutrals and reds is still very much appropriate for November, the chilly weather of winter signals a new change in dress. While clothes are always relevant following a season’s style guide, hair and makeup are another avenue with huge potential for expression.

Fall and winter makeup borrows from each other immensely. The use of popular colors such as burgundy, gold and shades of brown offer for easy and transitional looks between seasons. This color palette is also helpful in coordinating outfits and creating seamless ensembles.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Sometimes the easiest look is the simplest. Black eyeliner with mascara is a great everyday look for both fall and winter seasons. Black is a universal color in fashion, tying in with just about everything. During the fall/winter fashion week showings in the spring, there were numerous brands utilizing the “blackout” look, including Chloe, Emilio Pucci and Moschino. For this dramatic effect, use a chubby pencil on the bottom lids, creating a smudged look.

Another popular trend spotted on runways this season was glitter. While this might be reminiscent of your time in middle school playing with drugstore-bought eyeshadows, it’s time to make the trend more grown up. Burberry and No. 21 featured models with glitter on the sides of faces or subtle tones on the inside of the eyes.

While you might not be able to copy the looks entirely, a good starting point is blending similar shades. For those with paler skin tones, browns with hints of silver or gold shimmer bring out the eyes and add a nice soft effect to the face. Add a peach or pink blush for more color or a plum lip for color to balance out the darker shades on the eyes.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Gold is one of the best year-round tones because of its versatility. There are so many options such as using it as an eyeshadow, highlight or even a lip color. It also compliments all skin tones with a glow.

For those with darker skin tones, use a lighter shade of gold so it stands out more on the skin. Use a shade matching base on the eyelids and then set the powder on top so it stands out. For a fun look, dab a little silver shadow on the inside corners so the eyes pop more. Additionally, a brown lip gives a nude effect and lets the eyes become the center of focus.

Aside from makeup, hairstyles for the colder seasons also offer a lot of opportunities to switch up from your normal routine. Braids are essential for this season because they offer an easy, no sweat style that will last a few days. French braid your hair into a side ponytail and then twist it to create cute messy bun. If a bun isn’t your style, a braided ponytail is classic and always in.

For a simple, yet pulled together look, a top knot with a wire tie scarf twisted around it adds a fun twist on what would be a boring look. To create a more sophisticated appearance, use a color matching donut, for the coveted look as seen on runways of past and present.

The natural hair movement among black women has grown tremendously over the past few years, with countless tutorials and videos on how to achieve certain looks for the winter season. One of the biggest tips among natural women for the fall and winter season is moisturizing. Finding products that work for your hair type is crucial in making sure the style comes out the way you want it while protecting your hair.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

A simple, easy look is a braid-out. Part your hair into sections that allow for easy braiding and then wrap it afterwards with a silk scarf, so moisture doesn’t leave and dry out your hair. Depending on hair type, either untwist the braids with coconut oil or some other type of moisturizing product that will allow the style to stay through the day.

A personal favorite of mine for these colder seasons is a hat or beanie. They’re easy to put on and on those bad hair days let you hide some embarrassing sections. A black wide brim hat is classic for this time of year. But if you’re more color-inclined, a dark green or burgundy fedora with trim on is a nice touch. Also, taking a page out of Lady Gaga’s book, a pink hat will do just fine.

When playing with both fall and winter trends, the biggest takeaway is to find colors that work with your current wardrobe. A simple outfit can be completely transformed with a new makeup look or hairstyle. If you are at a loss for inspiration, check out one of the many beauty blogs out there for easy winter and fall beauty looks.


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