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Faculty titles to change after revisions approved to Syracuse University’s Faculty Manual

Kiran Ramsey | Digital Design Editor

Some faculty titles at Syracuse University are set to change after revisions to the Faculty Manual were approved by the University Senate.

Revisions have been approved to Syracuse University’s Faculty Manual concerning the titles of full-time, non-tenure-track faculty personnel and the process of making dean emeriti appointments.

The revisions were made at the recommendation of the University Senate and were approved by Chancellor Kent Syverud and Vice Chancellor and Provost Michele Wheatly.

According to the new policy the titles teaching professor, associate teaching professor and assistant teaching professor are now part of the non-tenure-track titles for full-time faculty.

The titles assistant professor of practice, associate professor of practice and lecturer will be retired. Any faculty who currently have these titles will be reclassified during their next reappointment. But, the title of professor of practice will still be applied to non-tenure-track faculty who are distinguished professional practitioners and bring expertise to the classroom.

Assistant professor, associate professor and professor titles will only be appointed to tenure-track or tenured faculty.

Under the new policy the titles teaching professor, associate teaching professor and assistant teaching professor apply to full-time, non-tenure-track faculty that teach in a classroom or laboratory. Among their responsibilities must be holding regularly scheduled office hours, preparing and grading assignments and tests and contributing content of courses and syllabi. These faculty are not expected to conduct research, but this requirement may be different based on their school or college.

Teaching professors will not earn time toward their tenure, but may be eligible for professional development leave connected to the duties laid out in their contracts.

Each school or college will create a process for promotion within the guidelines of the revised Faculty Manual. The process must be approved by the senate, once approved the cases will be processed in each school or college.

Under the recommendations the process for appointing dean emeriti will be separate from the process to appoint faculty emeriti. Eligible dean emeriti candidates will be nominated by faculty and will then be approved by the University Senate Committee on Appointments and Promotions. Nominations will be forwarded to Syverud and Wheatly for endorsement and approval by the Senate and the Board of Trustees.

The changes are meant to promote a faculty driven approach to promoting dean emeriti.


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