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Holiday sweaters can play up outfits for any occasion

Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Holiday sweaters can make any look more stylish, whether you are going for a boho-chic or edgy look.

Holidays bring cold-weather clothing, and of course, cute holiday sweaters. Lucky for us, there are various styles of holiday sweaters that fit almost any occasion, whether it be class or a seasonal party, and are easy to tailor to your personal style. Whether you’re rocking an old-school fair isle pattern, gaudy appliques or a classic knit, there are countless ways to style this seasonal staple.

The classic holiday fashion staple is a glaringly bad cult favorite: the ugly Christmas sweater. If you’re attending one of these themed parties, never fear, there are many ways to make chic outfits out of these not-so-chic garments.

Rather than the signature oversized green and red patterned sweater that everyone chooses to opt for, don a black or white one so it can be used more as a staple piece, as opposed to being the main focus of the outfit. Try pairing it with a black leather skirt and opaque black tights for a dressed-up grunge look. You could even opt for a pair of patterned black tights or fishnet stockings instead to take it up another level. Wear this with pair of solid-colored lace-up suede booties and a black felt beret to create a grunge style, ensuring you are both stylish and fulfilling the dress code.

Girls who want to embrace the ugly Christmas sweater look can do so without looking ugly. Find a basic colored sweater and pair it with either leather pants or black slacks and black oxfords for a more dressed-up approach. If you want a more street-style look, opt for distressed black or faded jeans and Chuck Taylors for an edgier yet casual outfit. To up the edge in this outfit even more, pair it with a moto jacket.

If you’re aiming for a more 1970’s vibe with your sweater-style, try pairing a bright patterned sweater with some distressed denim and bold silver or gold jewelry. The bright colored pattern will be a welcome alternative to the dark hues that winter trends usually embrace. If you want to dress this look down, opt for distressed boyfriend jeans or a denim skirt paired with patterned tights and boots.

For a more dressed-up approach, a washed-denim jumper instantly increases the cool factor of your outfit while also making it more formal. Dress it up for a formal holiday party by adding a pair of black booties with a gold heel and a jacket. If you want to go casual, try a pair of lace-up burgundy booties. For the ultimate 1970’s street style, a camel-colored faux fur vest is a statement piece that is both on-trend and yet conducive to the winter weather.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

For girls who are are not into the bold Christmas sweater look, try a toned-down fair isle sweater or a solid colored turtleneck a la Tom Ford. Embrace corduroy, a major trend that was all over the runways this season. Wear a pair of dark or camel-colored corduroy pants for a look that is current yet classic and winter appropriate. You can also try mixing different patterns and colors to create different looks. Materials like corduroy or denim can instantly change up your look to make it more formal or casual, depending on the occasion.

Scarves are a huge trend for girls this winter season — small accessories can make a huge difference in an outfit. Try a solid colored sweater with a toned down, patterned scarf for a cold-weather look that is still holiday-appropriate. Rather than tying it, simply let it hang around your neck for a casual yet stylish look.


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

If bright patterns and Santa-themed clothing are not really your thing, you are definitely not alone and there are many ways to achieve the holiday look without a tacky sweater. Find a basic winter-colored sweater like burgundy or emerald green, and pair it with a pair of harem pants for a versatile and boho-chic holiday look. If you are not into harem pants, try a pair of black velvet or leather leggings. The best way to keep this look chic and not baggy is to buy a cropped sweater and pants that are high-waisted. You can go casual by pairing this with a pair of combat boots and a leather jacket, or dress it up with some black booties and boho jewelry.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at mixing different styles and garments for any holiday-related occasion. Mixing just a few staple pieces together can instantly change your look, from boho-chic to edgy or from formal to casual, making you the best dressed at any function.


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