Letters to the Editor

SU administrator addresses inaccuracies in Daily Orange article about Donald Trump, SU Abroad program in Cuba

The headline “Trump’s comments prompt SU Abroad to scrap plans for study abroad program in Cuba” (Dec. 5, 2016) is factually incorrect, as is the opening sentence of the article. SU Abroad has two faculty-led programs scheduled for March 2017 in Cuba – one is “Afro-Cuban Roots in Havana: Sacred Dance and Music” and the other is “Exploring Cuban Culture through Education, Physical Activity, and Sports.” We are very excited to have these new options for students. Interest is high, and we plan to go ahead with both programs. On the other hand, we have no plans for a semester-long program or center in Cuba at this point in time, though we are always exploring new options across the globe. We draw on faculty expertise as we consider the many factors that go into creating new programs, especially semester-long initiatives—from having strong academic partners on the ground, to safety and security, to logistical support and resources, to student interest.

SU Abroad is dedicated to identifying and crafting world-class study abroad opportunities that provide our students an unprecedented level of access to the global community.

Margaret Himley
Associate Provost, International Education and Engagement


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